Central America, February 27th 2018

Dear CAHI Friends and Colleagues,

Many thanks to all of you who attended and supported our fourth annual CAHI conference:Implementation Strategies for Health Sector Initiatives: from Research to Practice in Guatemala City last week. The room was full, with more than 120 health professionals from private, public and civil society organizations joining us to learn about implementation science from Meredith Fort, PhD from the University of Colorado’s Denver campus.

We also listened to and learned from the lived experiences of three CAHI fellows working to improve health in Central America. They presented their projects and then engaged in a conversation moderated by CAHI’s Academic Director Andrea Prado.

They emphasized the importance of engaging the community from the beginning stages of the project to ensure the project is designed to serve the needs of the community and to sustain the project over time through community ownership and institutionalization of the project. Another key lesson was to spend the time documenting the project design, any changes made to the project and the reason for the changes, so that others could learn from the project design in the future.

During the break, visitors were able to meet our fourth generation of CAHI fellows and learn about their projects and efforts to improve health and healthcare in the region. See photos of the fellows’ stands here.

We know that there is an abundance of leadership in health in the region, but that leaders need to be connected and continuously learning to become the change agents they aspire to be. At CAHI, it is our pleasure to provide opportunities for this to happen and to be the nexus of positive change in the health sector.

With gratitude to all of you who join us in our goal to improve health and healthcare in Central America.



Shivaugn Marie Ahern
Executive Director