Dear colleagues and CAHI supporters,

I’d like to start our first newsletter of 2018 with appreciation. As you know we launched a scholarship fundraising campaign in November of last year. I am so grateful to all of you who donated and helped us exceed our $20,000 goal. We raised $22,700! Thank you!

It isn’t too late…If you’d like to support the scholarship fund for the next class of CAHI fellows, you can make a secure donation at this link.

I would also like to extend our most sincere gratitude to the organizations and individuals who made CAHI’s work possible in 2017. Many thanks to

  • The Robert A. And Elizabeth R. Jeffe Foundation, New York, USA
  • Hospital Metropolitano, Nicaragua
  • Sr. Carlos Pellas, Nicaragua
  • Sr. Stanley Motta, Panama
  • Mr. Gary Goodenough, Louisiana, USA
  • Mr. Anthony Wood, New York USA
  • Dr. Paul Wise, California, USA
  • Mr. Jesper Sorensen, California, USA
  • Sr. Ricardo Segovia, El Salvador
  • Dr. Jose Manuel Teran S., Panama
  • Sr. Arturo Condo, Costa Rica

Finally, we greatly appreciate the in-kind donation of services from Topel and Silver, CPA SA for their assistance with our annual financial audit process.

Our programs depend on donations to operate. We are always looking for additional partners in our mission. If you are interested in becoming a CAHI supporter, please contact me and we can discuss how your support can help us increase access to quality healthcare for all Central Americans.

With gratitude,

Shivaugn Ahern, JD
Interim Executive Director