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CAHI is embarking on the next phase of our organizational growth, supported and inspired by the leadership and innovation of the CAHI Fellows Network.

The leaders who comprise the CAHI Fellows Network have developed high-impact initiatives to improve health equity in Central America. Their resilience and capacity to adapt under challenging circumstances has brought CAHI's mission to life. 

Since 2013, CAHI has been providing specialized training in project management and social leadership. This work is bearing fruit, not only by developing skills and competencies of the CAHI Fellows, but through the coordination of the network of more than 100 members, who share the vision of a healthier Central America.

This year, we are realizing our dream of connecting and coordinating this multidisciplinary network of change agents in health. We are deeply connected by our shared values of solidarity and excellence. We also share a profound commitment to promoting health systems that are high-quality, accessible, and affordable so that people throughout the region can enjoy health and a high quality of life.

We are celebrating these last five years of work and beginning this new phase of collaboration with the launch of our new logo:

This logo and its key words represent us and we chose the three key words carefully with the input of the CAHI Fellows Network. Leadership is the core of our work, as we help to build the capacity of the CAHI Fellows to design and implement impactful projects and initiatives recognizing the power of individuals, especially when they are motivated by the common good. Innovation is essential to solving the social problems we face with creativity, especially in the health sector. Health is the objective we are all working toward, together.

We appreciate all of those who have been part of this sustained effort since CAHI was founded. We thank the members of the CAHI Fellows Network, our allies, and all the people and organizations that make our work possible. 

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